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Praise from JOYshop attendees

Radiant Being


"One of the things I loved the most was the automatic bond and trust between myself and the other women here and being able to be open about our experiences and where we want to continue...the different workshops really helped expand my mind and heart. It's been a very calming day and I feel very self-nurtured and self-loved from this whole day to just play out in nature. I was skeptical about coming here, but this has really been a wonderful experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone who just wants to treat herself to a day of personal growth, but also enjoy oneself the in the company of other strong women. "

G.S. Brooklyn, NY

Rejuvenated Woman


"Today's experience was absolutely amazing. I was reluctant to come today, but after attending today I feel extremely rejuvenated, energized and I'm very happy that I came and the next time, which there will be a next time, I know that I will even feel better and I will plan to bring a couple more friends with me. Thank you."

K.R. Long Island, NY



"I honestly came here with no expectations and have been completely surprised - the exercises have been a lot of fun, starting with the exploring, doing a meditation walk and opening up about what my vision of myself is. I tried archery for the first time and really surprised myself! I think this a great opportunity for anyone who wants to spend some time in nature, connecting with beautiful souls and people and feeling the love all around so thank you for the great opportunity."

L.O. Manhattan, NY

asian woman with bow and arrow
Change Agent


"The mapping provided me with more clarity about my purpose...all very valuable, and very inspiring direction on my journey to my next destiny.  The retreat was so needed for me to clear out my mind and rejuvenate my body and soul. I highly recommend to all hard working professional woman specially for those in the cross road trying to figure out their path."

A.D. Washington D.C.



Inner Joy


"It's really been fun today. We started out taking a walk pretty early in the morning and we did a meditation on some rocks over looking the lake near by. I really got in touch with the peace of nature and how much I miss spending time taking a walk and being quiet so it was a good reminder of that. We've done some sharing about how we feel about certain aspects of our lives and that's probably one of the parts I appreciate the most. It's enlivening, it's fun and I'd do this again and I recommend everyone do this, and I hope they have this for men one day."

N.G. Bay Area, CA

white woman with cowboy hat and bow and arrow
Truth Seeker


"This Joyshop was such a necessary turning point for me. It was a deep dive into what every aspect of my true self is already telling me, but now I have an actual, literal map from which to access these messages. Cindy and Suzanne are the perfect combination of wisdom, strength, and tenderness with our feminine natures and take the time to individually delve into what each person needs to fulfill their heart's desires. It was a remarkable experience. Delicious food, singing bowls, self-realization, beautiful location: the total package. It changed the course of my life and helped me become more decisive by trusting myself and learning where my strength resides."


B.M. Astoria, NY


black woman with bow and arrow

Fierce Warrior Protectress


"A powerful gathering of courageous women who are willing to think, live, and be outside the box."


"Thanks for bringing us together. I love this photo of myself because I'll always remember what it felt like aiming for that target and how exhilarating that was. I can tap into that for all I'm aiming for these days. Sending a fantastic day of sunshine to everyone."


"An insightful workshop bringing perspective to all our differences that originate from all of our similarities."


G.L. Philipstown, NY

white woman with bow and arrow
Woman in Red


"Diving into my luscious legend while surrounded by nature, wonderful and empowering women, amazing food and the nurturing guidance of Cindy and Suzanne was an unforgettable experience. The scenery is truly amazing and the activities were great. We had time to connect to each other, much quality time connecting with the aspects of ourselves that are the most joyful and inspiring, and were able to digest it all at the end with some creativity and map-making which I have hanging on my wall. I am in the middle of a job search and this experience is helping me stay connected to what is true for me while I begin to uncover what's next. Thank you Cindy and Suzanne!"


K.S. New York, NY

old woman shooting archery
Dedicated to Her Cause


"Got more than our monies worth. I thought the price was too low. One of my favorite parts was the Archery. At 74 years old to be able to shoot a bow and arrow was a revelation - I didn't have this anywhere on my radar screen before. Also, I thought creating the Mandala art was so freeing and joyful. Being in a space where I felt safe, I was able to come from my heart which gave me the freedom to let go of any preconcieved notions so I was able to enjoy all the colors and allow the shapes and forms to appear naturally."


S.G. Ancram, NY



woman with hand on heart and bow teaching another woman how to shoot archery
Intention Setter


"Thank you for the loveliest day. It's awe inspiring to connect to so much feminine fabulousness in one space! The venue is gorgeous, and surroundings breathtaking. The thought and preparation and love you both put into the program were evident, and effectively creates inner stirrings."


D.A. Westchester, NY

white woman with bow and arrow
Bright Light


"In my life, I've found that this bright, bright energy can be extremely threatening to others, so I'm thrilled to visit a place and get to know others who are bringing that specific energy forth. And that's what carried over so directly for me the next day. I felt free, justified, and safe to be my brightest turned-on self, full-on, socially and professionally."


M.C. Upstate, NY

woman excited after hitting her target
Blossoming Lotus Flower


"When I went to this retreat I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was a little nervous.  I discovered a couple of things that I really enjoyed and that opened me up.  One of them was this creative drawing diagram brainstorming activity that I really got into. It made me realize that my old passion of drawing is something to go back to because it was very meditative. And then the archery, which I was afraid of because I thought I was going to injure myself or someone, but it turned out that it was so much fun and very Zen and I want to get into archery now."


M.K. Brooklyn, NY

woman teaching another how to shoot
Clear Vision


"Thank you for your warmth and generousity. It was so appreciated - I felt nurtured and nourished. The exercises you created were very inspiring and made it easy to create the space to explore the correlation between what I want and what gets in the way!! And then finding the path to getting it! The visual aspects of the drawing and then the map gave me great clarity. I loved the archery! I'm now interested to buy myself a bow and start practicing at home."


C.M.A. New York, NY

two woman hugging each other
Magical Woman


"I want to thank you for a magical day. You allowed me to step back and look at my goals clearer than ever before. I just have to look at my map and remind myself when I feel myself slipping. I love the community you are creating - you are the gem of all gems!!"


P.E.C. Westchester, NY



Indian woman with bow and arrow
Wild Nature


"I enjoyed my day a LOT. It was great! Everything from the activities to the food was lovely. The location was so special and I loved being outdoors. I felt the group of women that attended were so lovely and balanced. I would like to attend a full weekend if it were in the summer when my kids are with their father. The highlights for me were the archery, as well as the hike outdoors. Liked the activities and the map, too. Now I desire something even more wild, to connect to something untamed inside me, in nature."


M.F.D. New York, NY

white woman with cowboy hat and bow and arrow
Wild Woman


"Suzanne and Cindy are magnetic forces in themselves and they have the ability to reflect back and draw out the highest vision of each woman attending. The location of the Joyshop is beautiful, the food is divine and they create a safe space to dive into one's luscious legend.  Thank you!"


A.S. Cold Spring, NY


woman in woods next to bullseye target
Natural Archeress


"The combination of empowering activities, delectable food and diverse, creative and loving women made this a wonderful event. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and provided a perfect backdrop for the group and individual activities."

I.W.T. New York, NY



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