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You Make a Difference!

First we want to thank you for supporting us on our journey as we pioneer this new path for Magnetic Explorators into the world. Many of you have been long time friends and some of you are brand new connections. More than anything, we want to connect with you and hear how we can help you pioneer your own Path of Power (POP) to success. We believe this is key to creating transformation in the world. If you haven't already joined our growing community, we invite you to "Like" our Facebook page to keep in closer connection and continue engaging with us. As of now, we only send out these newsletters every few months and post much more frequently on Facebook.

What we're up to...

  • cultivating a nurturing environment to foster the transformation of each other

  • filming a video promo to help you better understand who we are and why you might want to connect with us - it's now in the editing room

  • looking forward to hiking with you in two weeks

  • prepping for our next JOYshop in the fall, we just finished our third successful JOYshop last month

  • creating programs for corporations, sororities and other interested groups

  • getting out there and connecting with more of you to grow our community

  • working on our website and marketing materials, finished our business cards and they look beautiful

  • looking for summer interns to help us with our website and social media - please email us if you or someone you know is interested

  • transforming the world and having fun!


It is through sharing your unique light and innate gifts that you contribute to the world and become the best expression of yourself. The more of us who are practicing showing up as our authentic selves, the more we will light the way for another to do the same. We all rely on your gifts and light to sustain and evolve our planet.

xo, Cindy & Suzanne

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