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We've Launched!

We envision a healthy world pulsating and thriving with consciously empowered individual contribution and supportive connections. This inspired us to create Magnetic Explorators - a community of socially and spiritually conscious women helping raise the world's vibration by starting with ourselves. We believe it's our birthright to share our innate gifts with the world to benefit all. We inspire women to unearth and pioneer their path of power, to live their luscious legend, and become forces of nature for themselves and those around them. Before you stop reading and decide this isn't for you, perhaps you know a special woman in your life who would appreciate knowing about us. This could be your opportunity to be her hero by sharing this with her and she'll be sure to thank you! Our world depends on visionary pioneers like yourself. You can expect to find a supportive and inspiring group of women looking to create their uniquely impactful legacies. We hold regular workshops and retreats in New York City and the Hudson River Valley so that we can connect in person with on-going support. There is also an online community to help support long distance community members. We hope to spread to locations around the world. We believe if you teach a woman how to create her most pleasurable version of her life and dare to aim for her magnificent dreams, she will inspire others to do the same, thus, creating a happier healthier world. What legacy would you leave behind...if you were a force of nature?

We hope to connect with you in person soon - we are delighted to share this journey with you. xo, Cindy & Suzanne

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