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Upcoming Events

Fall Hike - Sunday Nov 29th 


Join us and walk off your Thanksgiving meal among the gorgeous fall folliage in the Hudson River Valley. More details to come...

Spring JOYshop 2016 - Unearth Your Luscious Legend (one day event) 


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Garrison, NY (1 hr north of NYC)



9:30am - 5:30pm/8pm



exact date still to be determined


This is a one day JOYshop (joyful workshop) where you will walk away with a colorful map that you've created showing where you currently are in life and the instructions for how to get where you want to go. You will be able to use this visual reference as a compass, along with your beautiful archery photo captured while in your magnificence and strength. You will leave feeling adored and nourished from head to toe in body, mind and soul. You will have formed new bonds with other luscious legends and have access to our larger online community with continuing support, teleconference calls, and outdoor get-togethers.


• Discover your Magnetic North & learn the art of using a compass 

• FEEL how nature recharges your inner goddess

• Clarify and MAGNETIZE your core desires

• Map your Luscious Legend 

• Establish success habits to nurture your LEGACY

• Bring AWARENESS to what blocks your success

• Nourish you bode with quiet time and locally grown nutritious meals

• Practice the art of focused intentions with ARCHERY

• Access your Path of Power and IGNITE your confidence

• Celebrate in COMMUNITY with women pioneering SUCCESS


• Splurge on your divine self and RELAX to the sound of singing bowls

• Increase your FUN - join our extended festivities and dinner (5-8pm)



• You feel disconnected to Mother Nature, your own nature and others

• You're feeling stuck in life

• You're in need of direction with a plan

• You want to create an amazing legacy for yourself

• You're ready to live a life without regrets

• You want to feel aligned in body, mind and soul

• You want to feel really alive

• You want to feel adored 


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