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Magnetic Explorators

We bring people to where they feel most alive!


There is nothing more powerful than a person who embodies their own unique beauty and essence. Seeing people live from their own personal power makes us feel lit up. Such people light the spark of thousands of others. Elevating yourself serves the world.


We are creating a revolutionary movement of people living their luscious legends from their unique Path of Power. We are an inclusive community who warmly invites you to join us in our vision and enjoy choosing loving your life, adoring yourself, accepting the world, being generous and grateful every day, while taking nourishment in the natural wonders of nature.


Meet Your Guides
Suzanne and Cindy met through the Coaching for

Transformation course in New York City. They instantly

connected on many levels and formed a partnership

to create Magnetic Explorators. Content was created 

for this course through sharing their success stories,

their deepest vulnerabilities and the obstacles they

overcame. In doing so they saw a pattern which 

inspired them to hold the light on your Path to Power.


These luscious hosts are avid outdoor women who

love both city and country. Both adventurous wordly

women inspire infinite potential. They love calling out

the power in people. They believe that when the magic

of nature is embraced, women are able to embody their

magnificence and create abundant success which lights the

spark for all. It's their vision to evolve humanity from each

person's unique Path of Power so that others are able to chart

their course with tools that bridge the gap between science and source.



Suzanne Pearse Dow

Suzanne works with anyone who wants to create new successes in their life – from Entrepreneurs to Creatives to Coaches, to Executives. As a Certified Professional Coach, she strives to unleash your innate gifts, inner courage and vibrancy, to maximize your personal power. Clients acknowledge Suzanne for her ability to discover their utmost potential and hold them to its embodiment. To her, success with a sparkle is the prize.


Suzanne enjoys balancing her appreciation for living in nature and in dynamic cities. As a former successful trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Suzanne constantly strove to incorporate the outdoors into her daily life from volunteering at local farmers markets to riding her bike to work to fishing. Expanding her pioneer skills from water to land, Suzanne learned to hunt and forage. These experiences created a groundedness within her that nourished her during a high energy career. As she transitioned into new phases in her life, she came to understand that she needed new skills to address feeling “sick and tired” too often. She set out on a mission to gain a deep understanding of core health care practices to address the underlying causes that impede people from living a flourishing life. Immersing herself in the science of Functional Medicine led her to heal and overcome health issues, together with the support of brilliant alternative health care professionals, and the benefits of healing foods. Suzanne became certified in Women’s Wellness as a result of her extensive studies. Now, living in the idyllic Hudson Highlands of NY, she enjoys honeybees, bountiful gardens, free-ranging chickens, playful dogs, and is a member of a thriving and connected community. Being the mother to two Millenial daughters has been the greatest opportunity for her to guide and learn. You may find her hiking, foraging, entertaining friends, or instructing badass women in the Zen of Archery.



Cindy Nicole
Cindy is a Certified Professional Coach who helps guide individuals and executives through transformational change with her playful and enthusiastic attitude. She loves championing people to push their growing edges. She has organized and led large groups of people to Burning Man. Preparation for this event takes many months and Cindy helps make sure her camping crew successfully survive the harsh conditions, in this leave no trace event in the Nevada desert, where lives are changed forever. Working with under-represented communities is also a love of hers. She has taught her own curriculum in K-12th grades and organized community events to help empower these communities. Also a nature enthusiast, you can find her outside finding comfort among the trees or water-side and she even has a birch tree in her bedroom. Cindy is also a professional multidisciplinary designer, winning numerous awards for her wearable technology to home composting flower bin to retail store designs. Cindy makes time for passionate and zestful living by making art, teaching people the benefits of play, traveling the world, and playing pickup basketball. Discover more about Cindy through her coaching website SoulPLAY Magic.









Our Vision

Magnetic Explorators is an expression of our commitment to self responsibility in order to contribute to having a healthy world that pulsates and thrives from consciously empowered individual contribution and supportive connections. We believe if you teach a woman how to create her most pleasurable version of her life and dare to dream, it will ripple outward to all.


Our Mission Statement

We serve people and organizations to further their own success and evolution in contribution to the world through exploration in our nature-based programs. We aim to provide scientifically researched information, with an integrated view of human development for, women, parents, health practitioners, educators, organizational leaders and others to promote the growth of vibrant lives and healthy minds. Join us on a collaborative journey to bring more kindness, compassion, and resilience into our world!


Our Guiding Principles

It is our intention and commitment to:

  • Create a foundation that fosters a rootedness from which people flourish

  • Provide a safe space to honor all experiences

  • Stand for each participant being powerful beyond measure and make way for each to pioneer their personal path to success

  • Give voice to and honor each and everyone's uniqueness

  • Reunite people with Mother Nature and their own nature

  • Connect people in community

  • Help people transcend the limitation of the mind in order to access the soul’s intuitive intelligence -   helping people go from thinking to feeling



As your guides we are honored to celebrate your magnificence, and we delight in holding the light on your path and the path for others to come.



With Love & Light from your partners, 

Cindy & Suzanne


Magnetic Explorators two woman guides
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